Our accuracy and honesty in all our business processes and relationships are our core values. We act with integrity and honesty in our employees and all bilateral relations.

We are careful about the protection of confidential and properietary information of our customers. This confidential and proprietary information is used only for the purpose of Bade Weaving; shared only with relevant persons within the specified powers. By all kinds of insider leaked confidential information, obtain any commercial interest is unacceptable.When we leave our company ,we do not take out private information and documents because of responsibilities.

As employees of Bade Weaving,we are sensitive of conflicts of interest that could benefit from relationship and status of the refrain.we don’t have personal interests of individuals and organizations in the current business relationship through our close.The interests of our company are always outstanding and dominant from our personel interest.

Bade Weaving employees tasks and fulfill all responsibilities related laws dictated by the legislation. In addition to the legal responsibilities; our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our competitors, society, their obligations under the business ethics in Bade Weaving , against humanity fulfills precisely. Bade Weaving business ethics and know which values are based on these principles, understand, internalize and make the requirements and to comply with them is the responsibility of all employees Bade.

4.1 Responsibilities to Clients
We strive on customer satisfaction oriented. We respond quickly and accurately to the needs and demands of our customers. We offer our services on time and in the conditions we promised our customers with respect, dignity, justice, and we work within the framework of an upcoming understanding courtesy.

4.2 Responsibility for Employees
We are committed to a healthy work environment with our honest, fair, non-discriminatory, and safe to our employees. Our employees will make every effort for individual development and we aim to create awareness of social responsibility. We do not leak any private information about our employees.

4.3 Responsibilities to Suppliers
As expected from a good customer, we act fairly and with respect. Organizations with whom we do business, and we carefully protect the confidential information of our partnership.

4.4 Responsibilities to our competitors
Only we compete effectively in the legal and ethical. And avoid unfair competition.

4.5 Responsibility to Society and Humanity
Of human rights, democracy, protection of the environment and animal rights, education and charity work, the elimination of crime and corruption is important for us. We act with social issues in an accurate sense of being a good citizen. We tried to take part in the service of public interest. We do not give and we will not accept bribery and purpose of the gift exceeds a price, product.