Our Targets
Bade Carpet aims the satisfaction of customers to provide product and services to international standards using the means of production efficiency.Besides this ,it aims to be a leading copany in the state of its region and sector.It also aims to contribute to regional,national,economic and social development.

Our Principles

»Corporate structure,corporate culture and management’s creation and the continuation is the most important principle of our company.

»Our Company is managed according to the legislation,regulations and established company’s rules.

»This satisfaction in relationship with employees,customers and suppliers is very significant for our company. That’s why it takes the necessary measures and builds up structures.

»Our Company has the protection of the enviroment and nature ,in which society develops,the need for social responsibility-sensitive,people,respects the environment and animal rights.

»Our Company depends on the quality standart requirements of quality policy,continues its production activities according to the philosophy of continuous improvement.

»Our Company pays attention to the honesty and sincerity in all its actvities.